Designed to Nurture and Protect

Karekot  is a patent-granted, innovative, new nursery product that blends safety, functionality and style in a unique, multi-functional design.  Quite simply, it's a soft-sided, breathable cot bed designed with safety as its sole inspiration.  And, unusual for cot beds, it has an ingenious dropside that helps to protect parents' backs as they lift heavy, sleepy toddlers in and out from the bottom of their cots!

Created by a mum who found traditional cot options just didn’t offer the peace of mind she required, Karekot is a unique, British-designed cot bed, meticulously crafted to give your baby, and you(!), as restful a night as can be.

Karekot's two-stage system simply changes between cot and bed, providing parents and children with a protective and user-friendly sleeping environment that will last throughout a child’s formative years.


With the support of the Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award we are making great progress in bringing Karekot to market.  We are hoping to start sales in Spring 2022, depending on securing manufacturers and ensuring the final product is as beautiful, functional and safe as we require it to be.  However, although Karekot is not yet available, we really value your enquiries, suggestions and questions which can help us shape Karekot’s design going forward.

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