About Karekot

The Karekot story begins in 2009…

For Katharine Paterson, the creator and founder of Karekot, watching her daughter, Evie, evolve from a baby to a very mobile and active toddler brought both joyous and anxious moments. Like many adventurous toddlers exploring their new world, the activity didn’t always stop when she was placed in her traditional wooden-barred cot to sleep.

Evie would frequently tumble into the solid cot bars, often causing light bruising which, whilst not too serious, was still upsetting. For Katharine, of much greater concern was regularly finding Evie with her legs and arms pushed through the cot bars, posing what she felt was a real hazard for entrapment and potential fractures.

Katharine was increasingly uncomfortable about leaving Evie alone in her cot at night and so she began searching the market for a solution that would give her greater peace of mind. There wasn’t one and the information she discovered was the catalyst for Karekot.

The points of concern were multiple and real, so Katharine set to work on a new design which aimed to reduce the type of injury Evie had experienced in her traditional cot. Her objective was very clear: to provide an alternative which was simple, safe and conducive to sleep.